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Fundraising Programs are always local to the region and our participating local marketplace companies win big with consumers. Our incentive based digital gift cards & discount coupons are spread through to new local customers by utilizing our existing social networks of charitable organizations, sports and interest groups, sharing your business promotions as part of their local fundraising efforts. Digital Coupons can be shared and sold online for charity and team fundraising opportunities, resulting in a more meaningful exposure and an affinity towards your business for you support.

      Our mandate is to help, keep more money in our local economy. Sites like Groupon.com definately do work but the revenue that these sites collect is local revenue is lost to a foreign market forever! We partner with local Charities & Sports Teams who share digital discount coupons for purchase with friends & family who appreciate that donations now come from purchasing actual products & services they can use, IE Auto repair shops, chiropractors, beauty salons, massage therapists, fast food restaurants can all take advantage. Teams & charities have large online networks & we share a small % of the revenues with them & return the rest of the earning to your business.







Share the word on a WIN! WIN! Deal for everyone! 


     Participating Teams & Charity Members Sell Incentive Coupons. We Invite our members to promote & sell incentive coupons for your business & return a percentage or the entire amount of the proceeds. Selling coupon gift cards for local business services that people can really actually use. Sharing a Good Deal with thousands and even 10’s of thousands of people online is a lot easier when you have an entire team of people helping! . Sharing Digital Coupons that can be sold online for charity or fundraising is a smart marketing opportunity that promotes more than just your gift cards. CMP creates a realtionship for your business as someone who really supports our community, family and friends through your participation of thier fundraising efforts. Its more meaningful direct exposure that you just can’t buy with traditonal advertising.