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How to for Merchants

Manual Input


Merchant must be logged in to Update and redeem coupons' status by entering the serial number of coupon in the search field and press. "Mark as Used" button

When Merchant is logged in, he/she can choose a  deal from the drop down list. With this list, they can check the status of the coupon presented to them. If there are any errors made while updating the coupon (E.g. Update wrong coupon), they can press 'Back to Taken" to make the coupons valid for use.


To ask the admin for paying out the selected deal select


To ask the admin for paying out the selected coupons.


Merchant Settlement
When a Coupon is bought and used, Merchant can request Admin for the payment. Merchant Settlement expresses the relationship between Merchant and Admin.


Three types of settlement status: “Paid Out”, “Not Paid Out” and “Should Be Paid Out”.

“Paid Out”: Admin has paid the merchant.

“Not Paid Out”: Admin has not paid the merchant – when the status of Coupon is

“Taken” or “Sold”. “Should Be Paid Out”: Merchant has requested for payment


If you have lost you Account Username or Passord select '?'