1 Hour Couples Massage with Optional Facial, or Spa Retreat

  • One 60-Minute Couples Relaxation, Swedish, or Hot Stone Massage  CAD$ 109, $61.50
  • One 60-Minute Couples Relaxation, Swedish, or Hot Stone Massage Plus Deluxe Facial CAD $169, $82.50
  • Couples Spa Retreat. Includes:  CAD $500, $261
    • 60-minute massage
    • pedicure
    • deluxe facial
    • hand and foot reflexology
    • head massage
    • dinner, drinks and dessert

109.00 CAD From 61.50 CAD Limited Quantity


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Our Spa Oshawa By Teresa is a full-service spa and salon that strives to pamper its clients with a variety of restorative treatments. The spa employs professionals who specialize in all kinds of care, to ensure that clients get all their beautifying and relaxation needs attended to in one visit.

For example, one of the spa's talented stylists may first service a guest looking for a new flattering haircut. Then, a licensed massage therapist could further indulge the guest with a hot stone massage, during which the heat warms up the tight muscles, allowing the therapist to work more deeply. Lastly, an aesthetician may administer a moisturizing facial, which aims to leave the skin soft and rejuvenated, leaving the guest feeling renewed from head to toe.

Our Spa by Teresa



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1 Hour Couples Massage for $61.50

$109.00 value - 43.58% off - Save $47.50


1 Hour Couples Massage Plus Deluxe Facial for $82.50

$169.00 value - 51.18% off - Save $86.50


Couples Spa Retreat for $261.00

$500.00 value - 47.8% off - Save $239.00